Every Friday we will showcase a different online application or Web 2.0 tool. For the first month I will post the Friday application and provide a lesson on it's use. Beginning in late September, students will be assigned Fridays to showcase! More details to follow!!!

Application: Google Shared Spaces
Web Site: http://sharedspaces.googlelabs.com/gallery/results?category=Games
Description: Collaborate with others using many different formats and gadgets! Brainstorming, games, animation, trips, and more!
Embedded from Google Shared Spaces. Create your own space.

Assignment: Collaborate with two other students in your class with one of the google shared spaces!

Application: ANIMOTO
Web site: www.animoto.com
Description: Create cool thirty-sixty second videos with your images and video. You can add text, sound, and exciting transitions to make your video look professional! Sign up is free! You can also pay for a subscription if you want more options and length of videos!
Examples of use: Students can create quick and easy commercials about what they have learned in a unit! Video can be created to promote activities, events, or your school!

Assignment: You will create a thirty second clip on promoting Internet Safety tips for elementary students! Below are some sites that will assist you with helpful information to include in your commercial! Remember, you can use images and video that has already been created or create your own! Don't be afraid to add voice, use text and lots of ACTION!!!

Application: WORDLE
Web site: www.wordle.net
Description: This Web 2.0 tool allows you to create and embed or print word clouds using different fonts and colors.
Show us how to use this tool:
Example of use: Create a Wordle to describe yourself and print it!

Website: www.voki.com
Description: This web 2.0 tool allows you to create You have the ability to embed it into your web or blog. You can email it or send it to a cell phone!
Example of use: Vokis can be created to send a message to someone; maybe a special thank you or birthday wish. They can also be used to give directions or simply to tell about ones self! You can add voice by typing, microphone, or even call in with your voice if you do not have a microphone on your computer!

Assignment: Create a Voki introducing yourself to the class! Please make sure you use your name in the introduction! Talk about your favorite food, television show, movie, hobbies, and anything else that would describe you! The Voki should be 15 - 30 seconds long. After creating your Voki, you will need to add it to the class VOKI page on this site!
Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Application: Friday, September 3 GO ANIMATE
Web site: goanimate.com
Description: This free web 2.0 tool allows you to create an animated cartoon to embed in your web page!
Examples of use: Create an animation to show what you have learned in a specific class or create an animation to give directions or introduce something new.

Assignment: Please create an animation promoting Cross County Community Schools! It might include classes, sports and other activities that are available. You might want to talk about the new building, the friendly students and staff :) , and the fabulous cafeteria food!

Application: Friday, September 10 VOICETHREAD
Web site: www.voicethread.com
Description: This is a free web 2.0 tool that allows online collaboration with pictures, video, and voice!
Examples of use: Collaborate with a team from a distance. Share photos and conversation about a trip. Share classroom creations and voice.

Assignment: Please join in my voicethread that describes some of the web2.0 tools that are available. You will need to look at and comment on at least three slides.

Application: Penzu
Web site: www.penzu.com
Description:Penzu is an online journal that you can share with people. If you don't want to share you don't have to. It is not just out there for anyone. You can also add pictures, and change your font.
Examples of Use:When your on a trip and you want to journal or tell someone about the trip.

Assignment: Please create a Penzu account. Then journal on one of your favorite applications that we have used thus far in class. Please write a paragraph and send it to klundstrom@esu7.org.

Application: Tagxedo
Website: www.tagxedo.com
Description: Tagxedo is an online appliction where you can make shapes out of words. You can choose a font and then the colors and then choose the picture you want the words shaped as. If you don't like any of the pictures on Tagxedo you can upload pictures.
Examples of Use: You can use Tagxedo for school projects and at Christmas time, like making Christmas cards.

Application: Pandora
Description: Pandora is a website where you can listen to music. You can choose a search a band, a song, or a genre and it will play songs that are similar to the music you searched.
Examples of use: If you want to listen to radio while you are doing something on the computer.

Application: Google videos
Description: You can watch videos of things that you search. You can search whatever you want and it brings up videos of the thing you searched.
Examples of use: If you want to watch a video of something you don't know how to do.

Application: Cooklet
Description: This is a free registration website. On this website you can create your own cook book. You can also look at other people's recipe books.

Application: Cookthing
Description: On this website you don't need a registration to use. You can look up any recipe and than learn how to cook it.

Application: TwistyNoodle
Website: http://twistynoodle.com/
Description: TwistyNoodle is an application where you can search for coloring pages or worksheets of any kind and print them off.
Examples of Use: If you are babysittin and the kids need something to do.

Application: PartyPlannr
Website: http://www.go2web20.net/site/?a=PartyPlannr
Description: PartyPlannr is an application that can help you plan parties of different kinds. Its easy to use and is free.
Examples of Use: You need to plan a party for someone and are struggling with getting organized.

Application: Amazon
Website: www.amazon.com
Description: This is a shopping website where you can search for anything and can buy new or used items for cheap.
Examples of use: You could use it to buy just about anything in your every day life.

Application: Youtube
Website: www.youtube.com
Description: This is a website where you can search for videos and there is just about every type of video on here.
Examples of use: You could use this to watch tutorials for something or just to watch funny people do stupid stuff.