Information Technology Applications I
Kathy Lundstrom
Phone: 402-366-1500
Cross County High School
2010-2011 Course Syllabus

Welcome to Information Technology Applications I! In an effort to provide you with consistent support throughout the year, I have put together some basic information that will help you succeed! While certain classroom specific rules may need to be altered during the year to fit changing needs, the overall expectations of what I believe you should be doing will remain the same. My door is always open if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!


You are responsible for asking me to provide any missed class work or homework assignments. If you know you will be gone, you will need to get your assignment in advance!

Most of the work for this class will be done in school during this class period. Therefore it is crucial that you arrive to class on time and be ready to work when the bell rings! You will need to use your time wisely!


Arrive on time
Be prepared
Complete assigned tasks on time
Respect your classmates and your teacher
Respond appropriately to teacher directives
Take care of our computers!
While on the Internet, you will only work on class assignments, not random surfing or games!!!


In this yearlong course, students will demonstrate basic skills in the areas of word processing, spreadsheet applications, database applications, electronic presentation, Internet use, and electronic communication. Students manage computer operations and file storage, identify ethical issues pertaining to information systems, and learn about information technology careers. Through a series of in-class assignments, online lessons, and projects, students will address real-world issues, learn how to troubleshoot unexpected problems, and become more familiar with information technology applications. Students will be working with a variety of online applications to create projects.


Work as a member of a team to develop, evaluate, and accomplish project goals while
gaining the skills and project-based experience needed for information technology careers.
Demonstrate knowledge using a variety of online applications to address real-world issues.

Gain skills in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software.

Develop awareness and appreciation of the Internet.

Use logical reasoning in problem solving.

Students will use computers as a tool to research, retrieve, and share information.


  • You will need a three ring binder to keep your assignments in for this class.
  • You will also need an email account. If you do not have one, please visit with me and we will get one set up for you.


20% Daily Assignments
10% Journal/Online discussion entries
20% Group Participation
40% Projects
10% W.H.A.T.

Work Habits: You are using your time efficiently
Attendance: Be on time!!! Being tardy will affect your grade. Students are given 100 pts every day for their WHAT grade. They will lose 50% of their daily WHAT grade if they are TARDY!
Trustworthiness: Failure to follow lab rules will drastically affect your grade.


A- 100%-93% (Exemplary)
B- 92%-85% (Proficient)
C- 84%-77% (Partially Proficient)
D- 76%-70% (Incomplete)
F- 69% or less (Failing)