Google Docs Presentation: Thursday, April 28

This will be a group collaboration project! You will individually be creating 5-7 (7 for an A .....hint hint) slides on the different web 2.0 tools we have shared, used, and found along the way during this course. We will be creating these slides on Google Docs Presentation. Ross has created one and shared it to all. Don't forget about all of our Friday apps too!
Here is what you need on each slide:
  • Title of Web 2.0 application
  • Image of the icon or something to do with the application
  • Link to the application
  • Brief description of what it does and how you might use it.(3-4 sentences) You might want to include items such as; no login required, collaboration tool, presentation tool, graphics, and etc.
Make sure to add transitions and music or voice if you would like! BE CREATIVE!

If you are having troubles with GOOGLE DOCS, you can spend the time deciding who is doing what apps and begin saving images and writing up your descriptions in Word. :)

Podcasting- Wednesday, April 13th
Why podcast?
Education Podcast Network:


PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!! Monday, March 28
Create and market your Pizza Restaurant utilizing some of your favorite tools we have learned about in this class!
You have just opened up a new Pizza Restaurant! You need to market your business and utilize the Internet to get customers rushing in the door!

First, read these two short articles to get ideas on how to market your business!

Guidelines and Instructions



Tween Tribune: Thursday, March 24

VoiceThread project with 1st Grade, March 21

Blogging!! Tuesday, March 8

Watch this Youtube video on blogging!

Why Blog? Read this article and look around the site to get some ideas and tips on what to create a blog about!

Technology blog
Education Blog
Sports Blog

Blogging Sites:

Blogging site descriptions:!5568092/five-best-blogging-platforms

1. Chose the blog topic: Examples; Happenings at Cross County, college sports, your favorite Friday applications, books and book discussions, family blog, vacation, subjects, A day in the life of a Sophomore at Cross County, BE CREATIVE!!!

2. Decide which blog site you will use to create your Blog. (There are four options above!)

3. Sign up and begin creating your blog!

4. Make sure to include photos, video if possible, links, and some widgets! (We will discuss widgets on Monday!)

Screenshots: Thursday, Feb. 24

With this assignment you will be choosing a web 2.0 to teach to someone else using screenshot freeware.
First, you will need to choose your 2.0 tool and learn how to use it!
Next, you will create a tutorial using screenshot software to teach someone else how to use it!

Anna: picjuice

Voicethread Project-Thursday, Feb. 17

Anna and Dylan: Crayon Cookies



Please look up some different backchanneling sites and comment on what you find! Go to this link to enter our class chat!

Web 2.0 Tool Assignment
Dylan - DabbleBoard
Anna - Cosketch
Casey - Flockdraw


What is it? Why us it? How could we utilize it in this class?

Tween Tribune Article Review and Discussion: Due Thursday, January 27 at the end of the period.
Read these two articles and respond to the discussion board.

GLOGSTER: Due Wednesday, January 26
Web site:
Description: Glogster is a Web 2.0 Site that takes the blog to a graphical format. It has social and sharing aspects that make it a collaborative site. There are graphics, text boxes, links, videos and sounds that you may add to a wall graphic to create unique, interactive posters in multimedia format. The “posters” have moving graphics and become interactive to the users. Students may use Glogster to create many curricular projects.
Assignment: Create a Glogster about a topic you have studied this year!
  • Click on Create a Glog!
  • There will be a template with examples that you may keep or delete.
  • There will be a floating tool bar to the left with choices of custom options. You may add graphics, text, images videos and sounds to your creation.
The WALL is the background of the Glog, which you should choose first to create the theme of your project.
  • Create a text Box for your TITLE.
  • Create a text box for your NAME.
  • You may click the tool bar to choose content for the GLOG. Including hyperlinks, videos, pictures and sounds. The best way to learn is to experiment.
  • You may save pictures to your desktop from the Internet and Upload. You may grab an image from a website.
  • You may add videos from a website.
  • You may videotape yourself and upload.
  • You may add video from in a media player!
Please make sure you have included:
3-4 pictures
3-4 pieces of text
3 hyperlinks
music or voice

Thursday, Jan. 13- Web hosting
We will be visiting different web hosting sites to see which we would like to use for our next project!

Please read over the dream vacation rules and let me know if you have any questions! There is also a rubric attached that I will use for grading! At the end you will show your web page and give a brief oral presentation on your dream vacation! HAVE FUN!!!!

Monday, Jan. 10- Tween Tribune
Please go to to sign up for a student account!

You will then read the two articles. One is Look out Ipad and the next one is about ipods in the classroom.
Please go to the discussion link and answer the questions and reply to at least two other responses with two - three sentences.

Contest Assignment: Due Friday, January 7
Individual Project!

Please chose one contest to enter! This project needs to be completed by Friday, January 7th.
Below are the websites with the different contest options
Creative Comic
Web 2.0
Graphic Imagery
How does Technology Make the World a Better Place? (In 100 words or less! Be creative!!!)

Friday, December 3

Assignment: We
will start our Friday Application Showcase up again next week. You will each need to chose two applications to share with the class. I would like to get these presentations in before the semester, so I have listed the dates available to present. This time you will show both applications on that day instead of one!

Need some ideas??? Check out these sites.

Please sign up today!!!

Dec. 9 Dylan
Dec. 10 Casey
Dec. 15 - Anna
Dec. 16 - Caleb
Dec. 17 - Ross

Mythbusters Project: Due Tuesday, December 21

Project Rubric

Your group will present your website with video embedded on Tuesday, December 21st!

Cross County Brochure: Due Friday



Your brochure will be judged and critiqued by the Cross County Administration Team.

The winner will receive a PIZZA!!!!!!!!

BE CREATIVE and let the fun begin!

OCTOBER 21: Please do more research on to find out some locations of geocaches in Polk County! Begin brainstorming as a group as to where you would like to place two geocaches! You will need to decide:
1. WHERE it will be located.
2. WHAT to put inside!
3. A CLUE to post on the web site to assist in finding it.

Please go to the discussion board and make ONE post as a group for the top three questions. (Geocaching: Brainstorming) Individually post three locations you found on the geocaching website in Polk County that you would be interested in visiting. (Geocaching: Where do you want to go)

If you have extra time, please work on finding your next Web 2.0 tool to share with the class!

GPS and Geocaching:


This project will begin with an introduction to Global Positioning Systems (GPS). After spending a few days learning how to use the GPS, we will dive into the world of Geo-caching! We will look at examples of Geo-cache trips as well as create our own! You will split into two groups to create a geocache field trip for one another using a GPS for our final project.

*Don't forget to respond to the discussion board!

What is GPS?
Determining Coordinate Positions and Distances
Introduction to GPS

Test your Longitude Skil
Introduction to Geocaching
Getting Started with Geocaching (video)
Example of Sandhills Earthcache
Guidelines for creating an Earthcache
Creating a custom Google Map

Generation Gap Survey: Due Tuesday, October 5


In this activity, you are going to work as a social scientist. You will formulate a hypothesis, design and administer a survey (using Zoomerang or Google Docs) to test your hypothesis, and then analyze and present your research findings using Google docs.
*Please read the Microsoft Office Word article to get you started. (REMEMBER: You will be using Zoomerang or Google Docs to create your survey, not Office)

Technology Applications Utilized:
Google Docs
Google Docs Presentation
Motion Graphs

Google Earth Assignment: Due Wednesday, September 15.

Please go to the class documents page and read through the Google Earth tutorial.

You will be creating a Google Earth field trip taking the class to 5-8 different locations around the world. This field trip will need to include at least one photo at each point. Also include 3 links, and 2 videos along the way. Directions on how to create this will be located in the tutorial.

Google Docs Collaboration Project: Due Thursday, Sept. 9th

Objective: Students will be using online tools (Google Docs) to collaborate on a presentation.

You might want to begin your searches on kids search engines!
List of sites for teaching web searching.
How to search the Internet effectively
Searching the Net: It might be useful to walk through this site to see what students need to know

Microsoft Word Assignment #1: Due Friday, Aug 27

Objective: Students will learn how to utilize Microsoft Word by creating a resume. Once you have finished your Resume, save it as your first and last name. Then, print a copy and upload it to the class documents page.

More Example Resumes
Example Resumes

Atomic Learning Assignment #1: Due Tuesday, Aug. 24

Objective: Students will learn how to utilize Atomic Learning!
Please chose an application you would like to learn more about. Log in to Atomic Learning and watch the tutorial on the application. After viewing the tutorial, take time to "play" with the application. On Tuesday you will be asked to share your application with the class in a 5 - 10 minute presentation.

*Don't forget to go to the discussion board too!

If you have questions, please ask!